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Ballet dancing comes from the origins of the Italian renaissance courts of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Classical Ballet is what people generally think of when we talk about ‘Ballet’. This is characterized by graceful, flowing movements. This has progressed to Neo-Classical ballet which included increased speed, energy and attack in its movements and Contemporary Ballet looking at floor work and greater range of movement and body line.

What to expect

UKAdance Teaching Syllabus

Our Ballet Examination Syllabus starts at the Preliminary Level progressing through to Grade 8 with the dance moves becoming more intricate as students become more proficient in their style.  Professional Qualifications are also offered 

UKA Preliminary 1 to 3 Ballet and Tap Leotard Final

UKAdance Uniform

Prelim 1 to 3 dance uniform displayed. Our students wear different ballet uniform dependent on which Grade they are studying.


Ballet Classes are available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Class Details

All Classes are now being taught on a face-to-face basis again with Covid guidelines being followed to protect all our students.

Day and Venue

Monday: Danestone Congregational Church

Tuesday : Kintore Village Hall

Wednesday: Peterhead Dance Studio, 67 Broad Street, Peterhead

Friday: Mintlaw Village Hall