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Scottish National Dances

A softer style of Highland Dancing with each of the dances having their unique points

Barracks Johnnie: This is supposed to have been a recruiting dance for the army. A recruiting officer would use a dancer to attract people to his recruiting station or use the dancer as entertainment while in a village.

Blue Bonnets: A very balletic dance which depicts a graceful lady trying to attract the attention of the passing ‘Blue Bonnets’. Blue Bonnets was a name for Scotsmen which arose due to the bonnets they used to wear.

Earl of Errol: This was originally a dance performed in hard shoes which was choreographed for the Earl of Errol. Errol is a small town in Aberdeenshire. Although it looks quite easy it is perhaps one of the hardest National Dances to perform well.

Flora MacDonald’s Fancy: This is a very pretty National Dance which was choreographed in honour of the famous Flora MacDonald. In 1746 she helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape to France after his defeat at the Battle of Culloden.

Hielan Laddie: This was devised by soldiers of the First World War and danced to the famous tune of the same name.

Immersive & Energetic

Our Scottish National Dances offer a wide range and style giving dancers the opportunity to express themselves.

Irish Jig: A parody of Irish dancing and the infamous Irish temper. There are many theories about what the dance is portraying – from the woman who shakes her fists and flounces her skirt a lot who is angry with her husband who has been out drinking until the small hours. The male version of the dance is supposed to be an impression of the happy-go-lucky Irishman facing his wife’s tirade.

Rachael dancing with one foot in air

From Irish Jig to Hornpipe

Scottish National Dances celebrate a different style of dancing.

Sailors Hornpipe: A very energetic dance which recreates the many chores of a sailor on board his ship such as hauling ropes, looking out to sea, waving the farewell flag etc. It is danced in a British sailor’s uniform.

Scottish Lilt: Another pretty dance which is unusual in that the counting is in 6’s as opposed to 8’s which is the norm. The dance is sometimes referred to as the Scottish Jig.

Village Maid: Perhaps one of the most beautiful National dances which is very heavily influenced by the Continental Ballet. This dance is unusual in that the dancer actually steps onto the flat foot – most of the other dances require the dancer to be on the ball of the supporting foot at all times.

Scotch Measure: This can either be danced as a solo dance or with two people in which case it is called a ‘Twa Some’. It is supposed to depict the Scottish dating ritual.

UKDance Examination Syllabus

All our students have the opportunity to participate in the UKAdance examination system. Regular examination centres are held throughout the year to help students progress in their chosen art.

Assessments are undertaken by qualified examiners with reports and awards issued to students 

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