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Disco - Freestyle

Disco is an up-tempo style of music and dance that originated in the early 1970’s. It derived mainly from funk and soul music in the large US cities.

In 1978 the era of Disco dancing was truly born in the UK. The dance craze sweeping America was down to one film and one performer – John Travola in Saturday Night Fever. The message to millions of young people was that here was a lad with a mundane 9am to 5pm poorly paid job who was able to become a success in a different way  through dance. 

Immersive & Energetic

The term Freestyle has largely replaced Disco over recent years which is due to the direction that the dance form has taken. Disco related to the type of steps and movements that are able to be performed ina Discotheque i.e. requireing very little space, most of which are quite simple. Progress in Freestyle has seen the develeopment of basic movements, many of which are travelling steps such as spins and runs. 

Competition dancers, particularly in the higher grades now use the floor to its best advantage, movement and projection being an integral part of their performance.


UKAdance Teaching Syllabus

Our Disco  /Freestyle Examination Syllabus starts at the Beginners Level progressing through to Advanced with the dance moves becoming more intricate as students become more proficient in their style.  Professional Qualifications are also available

UKAdance Uniform


Modern and Jazz Cap Sleeve Leotard uniform displayed.