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Grampian Festivals was formed in the early 1980’s to bring the various festivals run by Lawrence Dance Academy under one umbrella.

The dance festivals were originally run in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and provided highland dancers the opportunity to compete against their peers and also to promote friendship and camaraderie amongst the dancing fraternity.

Competition Organiser Member of Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing

The Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing is recognised as the World Governing Body for those involved in Highland Dancing and provides guidance to Highland Dance associations, competition organisers, teachers and adjudicators in addition to the provision of high quality standards for all areas of Highland Dancing

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What to expect

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From Local competitions to Championship events dancers have the opportunity to not only compete with their fellow dancers but to build up friendships that can last a lifetime.

Schedule of our normal competition and events. Please click on link to download competition entry form.


February:    Peterhead Festival of Highland Dancing

March:        New Pitsligo Festival of Highland Dancing

                      Mintlaw Festival of Highland Dancing

                      Aberdeen Festival of Highland Dancing

May:            Aberdeen Festival of Highland Dancing

                      New Deer Festival of Highland Dancing

July:              Peterhead Scottish Week Festival of Highland Dancing

August:        Turriff Agricultural Show

September: Inverurie Festival of Highland Dancing

November: International Festival of Scottish Highland Dance, Paris


March:         United Kingdom Highland Dancing Championship

April:           City of Aberdeen Open Championship

                     City of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Closed Championship

August:       Commonwealth Championship

November: Paris International Highland Gathering Championship


June:           North Scottish Region Festival of Highland Dancing