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Tap dancing evolved from European step dances like the Jig, clog and a varety of African step dances. Tap dancing early history in America includes ‘challenges’ and ‘competitive battles’ on street corners by Irish immigrants and African Americans.

Development of the Form

Syncopation and improvisation was added to the early tap steps emphasising rhythm and percussion rather than melody. Postures were relaxed with dancers arms and shoulders being used in whimsical gestures.

What to expect

Immersive & Energetic

The graded examination syllabus builds up movements progressively. This ensures that the skills and steps learned at the lower levels prepare the candidate for the more complex movements at the higher grades. 

Tap Feet
UKA Grade 5-8 and Majors Ballet & Tap Double Strap Cross Back Leotard

What to expect

Beginners to Advanced

Our students are trained using the UKAdance Tap Grade syllabus which takes them from the Uni-Ted exams for the younger dancer up though the Preliminary stages  and from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and on to the Intermediate and Licentiate levels.


Tuition on Tap is available on Wednesday at our Peterhead Dance Studio, Broad Street, Peterhead. AB41 6JL.

Class Updates

All Classes are now being taught on a face-to-face basis again with Covid guidelines being followed to protect all our students.